Saturday, November 4th @ Plano ISD Academy High School


About the Event

Come join us and spend a day learning from each other and getting to know one another better! Our goal is to help North Texas FRC teams grow.

The structure of the day is that each veteran team who registers presents 45 minutes on a topic.  Your team members could come share something they do really well, or you could lead a round table about a topic so that we can all share and learn together.  

We hope to cover a wide range of topics such as mechanical, electrical, programming, marketing, branding, team structure and organization, but the agenda is really up to you! Rookie teams welcome!  Feel free to bring up to five student leaders with you. The event is free; lunch is $10.





10:00-10:15  Welcome

Location: 3rd Floor Dome

10:15-11:00 Fab Lab Tour/Robot Demos

Location: Academy High School 

11:00-11:45 Session 1 Choices:

Creating a Branding Package     or     Student Recruitment

Location: 2nd floor bubble                                        Location: 2nd floor cube

11:45-12:30 Session 2 Choices:

Surviving and Thriving as a Rookie     or     Programming Overview

Location: 2nd floor bubble                                                 Location: 2nd floor cube

12:30-1:00 Lunch ($10/person)


1:00-1:45 Session 3 Choices:

Rookie Training Program     or     Scouting at Competitions

Location: 2nd floor bubble                               Location: 2nd floor cube

1:45-2:30 Session 4 Choices

Lessons Learned    or     Robot Design  

Location: 2nd floor bubble                       Location: 2nd floor cube

2:30-3:00 Closing Roundtable

"The first 72 hours"

Location: 3rd Floor Dome 

Participating Teams

Team 1745
P-51 Mustangs
Team 2805
Ghost in the Machine
Team 3282
Dallas Robo Tigers
Team 5417
Eagle Robotics
Team 5431
Titan Robotics
Team 6171
Chain Reaction Robotics
Team 6369
Mercenary Robotics
Team 6672
Fusion Corps
Team 6751
Team 6898
Undergraduate School of Carrots
Team 7120
Irma Rangel
Team 201800650
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