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2017 NTX Tournament of Robots

A FIRST Robotics Competition Off-Season Event

2017 Event Summary

Twenty-five teams gathered at Williams High School in Plano for the inaugural NTX Tournament of Robots.  Teams had fun in the relaxed off-season atmosphere while introducing new team members and pre-rookie teams to FRC and the 2017 game, STEAMWorks.

The winning alliance lead by Team 3310, Black Hawk Robotics was joined by 3005 RoboChargers and 6751 RoboFlash excelled at all parts of the game by routinely earing 40 kpa and 3 rotors and playing strong defense.

A big thank you to all of the teams for coming out to play!

Best of luck to all next season!




Gracious Professionalism -Team 3005

Outstanding Mentor-Pauline Tatum Team 6751

Play of the Day-Team 6171

Safety Award-Team 2765

Team Spirit Award - Team 5431


Over 100 people volunteered to make the NTX Tournament of Robots a success!  Thank you all for bringing an off-season event back to our area!  See you next year!


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